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Kit Skincare Must Haves ...

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Skincare and Skin Prep is just as important as the make up products/ artists techniques when wanting to achieve a camera ready look.

Lets be honest nobody likes a crusty, dehydrated or even oily slippery finish to their Make Up!

After being a Make-up Artist for a VERY long time I get asked over and over again how to:

- "Prepare your skin for your big day?"

- "How do I get my Make up to last?"

- "I want that glowy finish to my skin but I don't want to wear heavy foundation!"

and my all time favourite

- "Wow you don't look like a Make-up artist I can see your skin, what skincare do you use?"

So I thought I'd run through my all time Skincare must haves for my kit! These are tried and tested products that have never let me down no matter whos bottom is in my chair!

These wouldn't all be items I would use everyday as part of a Skincare regime HOWEVER they are a great place to start when wanting to get your Glam On ...


Cleansing and removing all residue of make up and excess oils is an important step to any Make-up application! You wouldn't paint on a dirty canvas expecting the final piece to come out smooth and flawless so why would you do this on your face?

I use two Cleansers in my Make-up Kit one a cream/ balmy texture. This I use if someone is wearing a good amount of Make Up that I have to remove and the other a water based Micellar Style product.

My Go to Cleansers:

SKN-RG: Advanced Flash Balm Fast Cleanser (100ml: £31.50)


To remove any heavy Make-up. If my client has a very dry skin I also apply a layer of this and leave for a couple of minutes to hydrate and soften any dead skin.

Botanics: Hydration Burst 3in1 Micellar Cleanser (250ml: £6.99)


To refresh and remove excess oil from the skin. Amazing as an alternative to just revive a tired/ dehydrated complexion.

(both are safe to use on the eyes.)


This is a GO TO staple for me! Rose Water has been used for centuries to hydrate, nourish and soothe even the most aggravated and delicate of complexions! This one particularly as it is 100% pure rose water and completely organic!

A couple of spritz of this over the whole skin neck after cleansing prepares the skin for treatment / moisturiser and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world...

Hey if its good enough for Rosie Huntington Whitely its good enough for me !!!!


This is where the kit can sometimes get a tadge jumbled and mixed as there are so many skin types so how do I streamline skin "Treatments" and not end up with 100000 for each skin type, skin concern or skin finish...

Well its quiet simple when you know how. STREAMLINE ! If I had one word/ one piece of advice I could give to someone building their kit or starting out its to STREAMLINE ! Trust me your shoulder and back will thank me later ;)

The best way to Break this down is by looking at the textures of Product!

I have a light weight mattifying lotion, a thick cream/salve and my all time fave a Facial Oil!

Lightweight Mattifyer:

Sukin: Oil Balancing Lotion is such good value for money! Perfect for oily/ combination skin and male grooming. The pump dispenser makes it easy for kit set up and leaves the skin with just the right amount of hydration level so that make up blends evenly.

Thick Cream/ Slave:


Skin Food is one of the Holy Grails that you will find in most Make-up Artists kits! From using it as a moisturiser, leaving it on the skin as a mask or blending it into the dry hard to reach places of the body! This lush smelling ointment can be used overnight or prior to make up to give a very glossy/ dewy finish to your look. For me this sneaks its way out of the kit bag and into hand luggage every time I step on a plane!

Facial Oil:

Now this part of skin prep has to be my ALL TIME FAVE!

Oils have been used for decades to nourish, hydrate, calm and renew the skin! This particular product I use on my own skin morning and night WITH OUT FAIL!

The Company is based on how our Skin changes throughout different seasons, which I also struggle with and the fact that I could have any skin type, age or gender in my chair means I have to have something multi purpose! So this is where Ebo Beauty comes in! 4-5 drops of this massaged onto the skin prior to primer leaves the skin luminous, hydrated and even sculpted if you do the right massage techniques ;)

Under Eye Hydration Masks:

My Final step in Skin Prep is to apply Under eye hydration patches. This is an amazing way to really hydrate smooth and prep the delicate eye area for make up. Aswell as being a sneaky trick on how to catch any drop down of eyeshadows so your under eye stays bright and smudge free.

I leave these on whilst getting brows and eye make-up on my client. These are suitable for all skin types and a great little trick even when applying your own make up at home especially if you suffer from dry/ creasing under eyes.

Multipurpose Balm:


Dr Paw Paw Original Multipurpose Balm is a multipurpose soothing balm with naturally fermented Paw Paw. This for me is the ultimate lip balm, brow smoother and shaper, skin soother, nail and cuticle softner, eye primer and make-up finisher. A MUST HAVE when wanting to achieve a bold liquid lip or flawless kissable pout! This is the last step of the Skin Prep and I apply a pea sized amount onto the lips allowing it to soak in whilst I create my desired look!

So thats pretty much the contents of my SKIN PREP/ SKIN KIT bag that I have with me whether it be on location, at a wedding on a shoot or just general glam ups !

Its always so so important to look after your skin and rehydrate when you've finished slaying the day no matter if you've got a full face of daytime Glam or tinted moisturiser and brow gel!

Hope this helps



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