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Booking me as your Bridal Artist

"What makes you unique, makes you beautiful..."

Laura Mercier


Creativity is my true passion and bringing my brides vision to life is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I understand that each job will have unique needs and requirements for their make up and I tailor each wedding service accordingly whilst keeping an impeccable eye to detail.

I have worked countless weddings in the UK & Europe and am always only an email email away at any point from securing your booking to after your big day.

I pride myself in being organised, friendly and a calming influence for yourself and your bridal party. I will be with you until it is time to go through to your ceremony and ofcourse will be on hand to help you get into your dress, put on shoes and add them extra little finishing touches. 

To ensure your morning runs smoothly I will create a bridal schedule with a breakdown of timings, this helps photographers, hairstylist and videographers know where you will be at what time.

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